There’s No Crying in the Jay-C Store


Change is a process.

We posted a little meme on our Facebook page yesterday – a lighthearted poke at our shared quasi-frustration about the recent reorganization at our local Jay-C store. As memes tend to do, it got a pretty solid response. As humans, most of us are naturally inclined to resist change…especially when we’ve developed such a level of familiarity.

Things have moved around inside our local grocery, but many of the important things are still the same. I just returned from there about an hour ago, and while pushing my two toddlers around in one of those clunky car-carts I was met with a friendly employee in nearly every. single. aisle. Eager to help, they are working as a team to make this transition as easy as possible for everyone.

They are even handing out new store maps to help people find exactly what they’re looking for, though you probably won’t need it because you can’t go from one aisle to the next without finding someone there waiting to help.


I found everything I was looking for without much confusion this time.

We’ve got other options popping up, and we can always drive into Jeff or Clarksville, ect. – but it’s nice to be this close to a grocery store. It’s nice to shop with people who remember your kids’ names or ask you how that new dish turned out that you were shopping for last week. Smiling faces, actual live cashiers and baggers.

While waiting to check out my boys (2 and 4) were having a nap time level meltdown in the car-cart. When he’d finished bagging the groceries of the woman in line before us, Mike walked over and bent down to tell them with a smile and a wink, “Boys, there’s no crying allowed in the Jay-C.”

They laughed with him and went on to have their own conversation, and I was able to get my groceries on the belt without having to referee a toddler boxing match.

You can’t get that kind of service and familiarity at the giant box mega-centers.

We love you Jay C! #BuyLocal


Opinion by Leah Lowe

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  1. I love the idea of organic and natural everything . I have done without and gone out of my way to ensure I have clean good quality food .
    I love the idea that JC food market in Charlestown now has Simple Truth foods and accessories .
    I love it … love it .. am happy to see such a futuristic move in health care by way of foods in a small but growing town!
    Thank you Jay C Store and everyone involved on this from the bottom up!

  2. Ok, let’s face the facts. Our community has out grown our Jay C Store. Isles are cluttered with display racks with items on it. Also what has happened is there are so many more new products to be put on the shelves. How many different flavors of potatoe chips than there was last year. Our Jay C Store is doing the best they can to let us see the products, they do their best to get us through the checkout lanes as quick as possible. All the workers are nice to us and I like how I’m treated at our store. To sum it up, our community is growing at a fast rate, and has out grown the Jay C Store. I think we need a bigger store.

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