Charlestown Police Department

Charlestown Police Department seeks to remind residents of Vacation House Check Program

The program allows residents to reach out to CPD and ensure an extra eye is kept on their property while away.

CHARLESTOWN – The Charlestown Police Department would like to remind City of Charlestown residents that if they plan to be away from home for a couple of days, weeks, or months; they can use the Charlestown Police Department’s Vacation House Check program to help keep an extra eye on their property.

The Vacation House Check program simply involves completing a request form, available anytime from the department’s website at ; and submitting it to arrange for your property to be regularly and individually checked by patrolling Charlestown Police Officers while your away on vacation, a family emergency, or other business.

The form provides information for officers to enable desired notifications in the event a problem is found, security or otherwise, during the routine checks.  Complete information is available at; as well as, helpful crime prevention tips and information at

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