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Lincoln on Local

LincolnI believe in old school networking, meeting people, talking about things that can be done to make our little community a better place to live. Pride rings true with these types of encounters, people boasting mostly positive things about who they are and what they do.

I also believe in new age digital networking, sites that allow us to stay connected, share information, provide opinions, pass along updates and news happenings on both a local and global scale.

What I don’t believe in is taking advantage of either method through manipulation, negativity and false pretenses.

When you meet to network with people in person you get the full picture of what they want you to see in them. When its a digital format we are still in the world of the wild wild west with anonymity profiles, fake names and seething amounts of rousing folks, with very little accountability.

When I think about connecting and networking with people the ideal situation is when as many people are as authentic and transparent as possible. The world in which we live comes with so many details and complexities, it truly is a full time job to filter what is real and what isn’t.

Our two worlds have now collided, locally and digitally and I have to be honest, its not so easy to navigate on a daily basis. So, you know what I’ve done? I’ve decided to focus on the good only. The positive.

There is an unspoken “call to order” among local business owners that has been growing over the past 20 or so years, a mission that lets everyone know that we really are in this together.

I joined the #Local movement 10 years ago. I sold my realty company, prepared for the real estate crash as best seen fit and buckled down. The one constant that I made sure I always had in my life were my relationships with people in my own community. So I picked up a video camera and started filming “Local Shoutouts”. I filmed over 250 of them in 24 months and shared on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. It provided me with the opportunity to showcase the one element of our community that I love the most, our local people.

Deep down I knew that if I made enough videos, shared positive cheers about our community every single day and worked to get through the recession that everything would work out. It has so far.

I utilized the connections that I had spent 25+ years building and merged them with the online world. Now, 10 years later I am happy to report that I am so thankful that I was an early adopter to this form of technology. It really has helped my business. I see people all the time that tell me how much they’ve enjoyed my videos. That always puts a smile on my face.

The lines of these two worlds in which we live, locally and online, are merging, they will become one eventually. When that happens people will be connected more than ever. It is up to us early adopters to always hold on to the power of real, authentic, face to face meetings with other human beings and always push for the local in person connection, before the digital footprint takes over completely and the networking meetings will be a thing of the past. I hope I never see that day, in case I do, there will be plenty of local video and content from my past to keep me busy.

Stay tuned…Lincoln

My name is Lincoln Crum and I am a Local. I am a husband, a father, a kickass grandfather, son, friend and lifelong member of Clark County.

My dad is an Auctioneer, I am an Auctioneer. My grandfather and three grandfather’s past were farmers. Being #Local is a part of our DNA. I am a YOUTUBER. I love all things LOCAL.

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  1. And we love you Lincoln Crum….You are as authentic and transparent as they come…You have a huge heart to go along with that huge smile and people walk away from you feeling a little better about things…..Thanks my Friend….

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