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Charlestown residents awarded Pleasant Ridge Neighborhood Citizenship Award

By Leah Lowe | CHARLESTOWN, Ind. – The Pleasant Ridge Neighborhood Association held its annual awards ceremony last night to honor several Charlestown residents for their outstanding contributions to the Pleasant Ridge neighborhood.

“The recipients of these awards have been supporters since it (PRNA) was formed in 2014.” said Melissa Crawford, Vice President of the Pleasant Ridge Neighborhood Association. “They have given of their time, finances and their talent. They’ve gone above and beyond, and that is why they are so deserving.”


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Photos by Treva Hodges

Harold Goodlett Sr. was presented with the annual Citizenship Award for his dedication to supporting the group. “You’re going to come out of this thing stronger,” he stated in his acceptance. “We just have to have faith.” Goodlett is a longtime Charlestown resident who has remained politically and civically active in the area for decades. He is an active supporter and volunteer with the Clark County Red Cross and a past recipient of the Bales Humanitarian of the Year award. “I appreciate you guys thinking of me,” he continued, “But there are others here who deserve this award more than I do.”

Goodlett is not a current resident of Pleasant Ridge but has remained a strong supporter of their community. He lived in the neighborhood for several years before moving to Monroe street in 1976.

The Pleasant Ridge Neighborhood Association remains embattled in a lawsuit regarding their property rights and conflicting plans for redevelopment. While a number of residents have sold their homes or moved on to Charlestown’s new senior living development, many residents remain firmly arm-locked in their commitment to rebuilding a neighborhood they are proud of.

PRNA Josh Craven presented the group’s second Citizenship Award . “Who do you give the award to,” he asked. “Because everybody here deserves it. Without you and other people like you, we wouldn’t be able to do the things we do.”

Julia Bettler, Sue Southard, and Beverly Cairnes, a group of siblings the PRNA dubs “The Sisters” – accepted the second award as a group. “You can’t have one without the other,” Crawford said of the sisters. “They are a trio, a team.”

The common theme resonated by both award presenters and recipients was consistent. “One thing I know that I value so much is the friendships that I’ve made…we are family and I’m so thankful for that.”

The Pleasant Ridge neighborhood was built in 1943 by the U.S. Government to support defense workers at its Indiana Ordinance Works factory.




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