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Charlestown breaks ground on Glendale neighborhood “pocket park”

CHARLESTOWN, Ind. | by Leah Lowe – The City of Charlestown broke ground this morning on a Pocket Park installation at 113 Lafawn Drive in the Glendale neighborhood.

According to renderings, the park will likely feature a small shelter-house with picnic tables, swing set and children’s playground area. Some parking appears to be a part of the plan but with walkability in mind.

Pocket parks, also known as mini-parks or “playscapes” are becoming increasingly popular in urban or suburban areas. A scaled-down version of local community parks, they are typically repurposed residential land the size of one to three lots and serve as a small oasis of open or play space in a location where a bigger park may otherwise not be feasible.

Charlestown is also home to two other larger open air parks. Church Street Park, and Greenway Park on Market Street which is home to weekly events in the summer and a part of Charlestown’s annual Christmas display. The Charlestown Family Activities Park is located on Park Street and includes a splash pad, mini-golf course, skating rink and playground area. It sits adjacent to the city’s skate park.

While parks like these serve a community’s overall need – playscapes like the the one Charlestown breaks ground on today offer an increased walkability factor for areas like Glendale. A study by the American Journal of Health Promotion indicates that pocket park use compared favorably in promoting physical activity with that of existing playground space in nearby parks. Pocket park visitors walked on average .25 miles to get there.

As the City continues to make progress in sidewalk installation, this offers a walkable option in-neighborhood for Glendale residents.

Sharon Farris and her husband Joe have lived in the neighborhood for 16 years. Their Broadmoor Ave. home is where they raised their daughter Keri, who recently purchased the home next door to her parents. With one toddler-aged granddaughter and another on the way, Sharon states she is excited to see a new park nearby.

“It’s hard sometimes to pack them up for an outing at that age – in and out of the car seats and across town,” she says. “It will be nice to have something like this within stroller-pushing distance, we’ll be able to get out more.”

This story will be updated when a timeline for work on the park becomes available.

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