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Lincoln on Local: Local or Locale?

Local or Locale? That is the question…

I think there is a difference. Here’s why. I view it as a a big vs. little picture concept.

LincolnLocal is the general definition of a location. The feeling of being original is something that makes humans so unique. Which in turn makes segments of our communities unique. Those segments are what I refer to as the sweet spots aka “locale”.

The locale element is what happens when you mix local living, shopping and working with people who all live and spend time within that defined area. I believe that is where creativity, design and inspiration come into full action. Items like city wide art projects, festivals, street parties, block watch, positive interactions with police and fire departments and countless other activities give people the chance to really live within the footprint of where they lay their head every night. I am proud to say we have this happening all over Clark County and that inspires me, a lot.

Take just a minute and think about what you can do as a “local” to get and give as much as possible to the “locale” in which you roam. You’ll be surprised at how the smallest of deeds can turn into the greatest of rewards. And always remember, at the end of the day, we are all in this together, every single one of us.

Keeping it local in my locale…Lincoln

My name is Lincoln Crum and I am a Local. I am a husband, a father, a kickass grandfather, son, friend and lifelong resident of Clark County.

My dad is an Auctioneer, I am an Auctioneer. My grandfather and three grandfather’spast were farmers. Being #Local is a part of our DNA. I love all things LOCAL.

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