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Huber Family Divided on Sale of Family Farm and Restaurant, Land

by Leah Lowe | Starlight, Ind. – Joe Huber’s Family Farm and Restaurant will be parceled out as it goes on the auction block in about a dozen separate tracts of land on November 17th.

A family-run establishment of 92 years, the remaining siblings of Joe Huber III announce their plans to retire and sell the 160+ acre farm.

Joe Huber Sr. and his wife Mary purchased the farm in 1926.


Another version of the story came to light via the Go Fund Me page of Jenna Clem (Huber), daughter of Joe Huber III, who was tragically killed in a mowing accident in July of 2015. Clem states that “to some, money means more than keeping a family tradition alive,” and goes on to explain failed attempts by herself and her husband to purchase the property.

She is asking the public for backing in hopes that she can retain the farm when it goes to auction via the Harritt Group in November.

“I refuse to let his legacy die. And I will work hard and fight to help it live on. However, I cannot do it alone. We are asking for the community’s help so that we can continue to give back,” She states, adding that she and her husband will be putting their own money toward the purchase as well. “Any money raised will be used on November 17th, 2018, the day of the auction, in hopes of retaining Joe Huber’s Family Farm and Restaurant.”

Clem also goes on to state that in the event they don’t win at auction, the money raised will be donated instead to the WHAS Crusade for Children – a beloved charity of her late father and grandfather.

Please note that Huber’s Orchard and Winery – located next door, is a separate business entity and not to be confused with the Huber Family Farm and Restaurant.

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