Community Profile: David Abbott, Jr.

We sat down recently with Charlestown High School’s Assistant Athletic Director David Abbott, Jr. to discuss what makes him tick, his time with the school and his hopes for our community. David is also a candidate for Charlestown Township Advisory Board and a local small business owner at Abbott’s Lawn and Landscape. 




What do you love about Charlestown?

Charlestown is where I grew up. Like a lot of people here, I’ve rode a bike or driven every road in our small town. I love the small town feeling of our community – I know a lot of people here, grew up with most people here and continue to meet new people on a daily basis. Charlestown is one of those towns you always talk about leaving when you’re younger – that teenage angst, I guess – but in the end its your home, you love it here.

On Law Enforcement, Teaching and Coaching

When I got out of high school my dream career was law enforcement. I started coaching while I was in college and working toward a police career, and my degree is in law enforcement. Through that coaching experience I realized my love for working with young people. After returning home from Vincennes, I moved into coaching locally and developed an interest in education. Working with kids became more of a passion and I’ve transitioned to education and coaching.

Who are some people you look up to, in Charlestown or generally?

When it comes to people I’d look up to, I’d start with people like Karen Wesley – the Principal at CMS. She was also my 5th grade teacher. She loves Charlestown, and it shows in her actions every day – whether school is in session or not at CMS. She’s passionate, kind, she’s honest – and overall a great person and a great mentor. I’m glad to work for her and have learned a great deal.

I’d also say Chad Gilbert – the Athletic Director at CHS. He’s always been there to help me with coaching, and he works hard to make sure our athletic department runs smoothly. He’s a great administrator with a mind for keeping things running well.

Next – Coach Jason Connell, our head boys basketball coach. Coach Connell took a shot on me at an early age and hired me at 19 years old. He’s been there for me as I’ve grown up and grown into this position and I hope I’ve been there for him. He’s a smart coach – I’m learning a lot from him and have more to learn.

Last, but definitely not least – my Dad. He’s a hard worker and a family man. He’s a fair, kind, and compassionate but smart businessman. He’s the best Dad a guy could ask for.

I have been blessed to be surrounded with some amazing people and mentors, who have helped to shape me into the person I am today.

What future do you see for yourself?

I live life one day at a time – you never know what might happen. I definitely didn’t see myself doing what I’m doing at 24 years old. For now I’m going to keep working hard and treating people the right way – those two things have gotten me where I am today.

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