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Community Profile: Butch Love

Butch.jpgWhat’s your educational, professional background?

I’m a graduate of Charlestown High School (1985). I attended 1 year at Vincennes University. I worked for a Land Surveying and Engineering Company here in Clark County for 21 years. In 2007 I became a Level 2 certified assessor. I have now passed 4 of the 5 IAAO tests and later this month will be taking the final test to become a Level 3 certified assessor. I’ve been assessing for 12 years.

You’re running for Assessor – tell us a little about what this office does at the County level and why its an important decision on the ballot for our readers.

The county assessor is responsible for assessing all the taxable property in the county both “real and personal” and certify the gross values to the county auditor.

They are responsible for the cyclical reassessment required by the Department of Local Government Finance in Indianapolis. They are responsible for all sales disclosure verification and certifications, annual trending, collection of all new construction building permits from each planning and zoning office throughout the county.

The county assessor has to examine and verify the accuracy of all personal property tax returns in each of the 12 townships in Clark County and certify them to the county auditor. They serve along side the (PTABOA) “Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals”. They assist in appeals with regard to assessments and hold informal hearing with taxpayers.

The County Assessor’s office issues out by mail (Form11’s) to all taxpayers informing them of what next year assessments will be and giving the taxpayer 45 days to appeal the assessment.I could go on and on but these are the highlights.

I’m the most experienced, qualified, knowledgeable and educated candidate. I also have the most resources available. It is very important to vote on Tuesday November 6th or early voting that begins on October 9th at voter registration inside the courthouse located at 501 East Court Avenue in Jeffersonville.

Give us a little personal background – what are some things you are involved in? Hobbies or interests? Local involvement?

I’m a Christian and a member of Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church here in Charlestown. I was a volunteer at the Charlestown Little League serving as a coach, vice president, and president (10 years in all). The only hobby I currently have is taking pictures of the players on my son’s high school and travel ball baseball team during the games. This will always give the parents something to look back on and “remember when.”

What do you love about Charlestown?

Charlestown is my home. I’ve lived here my entire life. It’s where my parents were raised, where they raised me, and where I raised my kids. I know people from all walks of life here in town. People know me for who I am and what my family represents. I have older people, middle age people, young adults, and kids that call me “Butchy” and it’s great. It just reminds me of all the people I have come in contact and lives I’ve touched in my life here in town. Again, Charlestown is where I’ve always called my home.

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