Op-Ed: N.O.W. President Darlene Williams speaks out regarding potential City water utility sale to Indiana American Water

I have sat quietly by while things have been stated by city officials that are not true about this IAW water deal. I have heard people repeat these statements, when they knock the NOW group for opposing the sale of the city water assets.

So, to set the record straight:

I attended the hearings at the IURC/OUCC and heard testimony with my own ears, when IAW said there is “no plan to invest money to fix the water quality”, this was actually a pretty damning revelation during the testimony. Any monies that are to be spent will be to install new (electronic readable) meters, and to fix, replace or repair fire hydrants. The city actually files paperwork annually that estimates 25% of water loss due to these issues.

I also asked David McGimpsey (the city’s specialist attorney) at the very first meeting where this was discussed, to build into the sales agreement with IAW guarantees of fixing or investments or at very least SLA’S (service level agreements). This would ensure we the customers don’t get stuck paying back $13 million plus interest at 15% plus taxes, and not get good water out of the deal. He told me, “can’t do that it’s illegal”…

Now, do you TRUST this company to fix the water? Would you sign this deal?

Also, as a member of IAW’s one rate customer base we are responsible for ALL INDIANA OUTSOURCED WATER deals. Currently IAW IS PETITIONING FOR 2 rate increases next year for $542 million in improvements to their customer base. We pay for that too…wise up Charlestown.

Darlene Williams


NOW (No Outsourcing our Water) Group


NOW is a 501c3 nonprofit organization formed to organize grassroots activism for the disenfranchised.

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