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Final week for WEB OF MURDER at Derby Dinner Playhouse

Derby Dinner Playhouse’s final week of WEB OF MURDER runs now through November 11, 2018.  For ticket information please call 812-288-8281 or visit

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Set in “Nightmare Mansion”, this mystery is filled with dark family secrets, blackmail, greed and revenge.  Minerva Osterman is an irritable, ailing heiress who makes the lives of her daughter, housekeeper and live-in doctor miserable.  She summons more of her family to her Victorian mansion to read her will before she passes.  But before the will is read, she makes a dire prediction of deaths while under hypnosis.  As the bodies begin to pile up, we see her prediction was right!  The will goes missing, and then the plot twists and turns until it reaches its final conclusion in a predictably unpredictable climax!

WEB OF MURDER is under the direction of Jim Hesselman and was written by Jonathan Troy.  The cast will include Derby Dinner favorites Rita Thomas, Tina Jo Wallace, Janet Essenpreis, J.R. Stuart, Bill Hanna, Brian Bowman, Elizabeth Loos, Chris Bryant, and Annette McCulloch.

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