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A Christmas Carol at Actors Theatre delights | by Roxane Haynes

By: Roxane Haynes | I had the pleasure of attending opening night of A Christmas Carol at Actors Theatre. There are many adaptations of this beloved holiday classic and Actors Theatre never disappoints. I’ve seen their production 15 separate years and each have a uniqueness about them. 



This one is a more light and fun experience than others I’ve seen. So much laughter and good feels throughout. The talented and diverse cast has a great chemistry that shines through. Even Ebenezer Scrooge (Joh G. Preston) is somewhat likeable with a dry sense of humor from the start. 


John G. Preston as Ebenezer Scrooge and Jacob Bukowski, Tiny Tim.


The Fezziwigs, I must say just about stole the show! I’ve not been in a few years but the Fezziwigs two annual Christmas Eve parties that we witness are very inviting and engaging. I wanted to join the fun on stage! Taylor Ables (Mrs. Fezziwig) and Robert Ramirez (Mr. Fezziwig & The Ghost of Christmas Present – which he also knocked out of the park) make a great pair! The music, singing and choreography are perfect. 


For 2018 they’ve added some impressive Ariel acrobatics. This twist on transportation was beautiful and the skilled Lauren Hirte performed beautifully. However I think the silks were a bit of a distraction from the other dialogue sometimes occurring at the same time.   


The cast and production crew use modern technology while making you feel as though you’re in England in the mid 1800’s.If you know this story you know how it ends but you should be prepared for a fresh take. 


If you go – Actor’s Theatre has an attached parking garage and charges a small fee. There is a bar and restaurant on premises in case you’re looking to try something new. A little gift shop area is set up in one corner of the lobby offering a nice little variety of items. Just across the room is a small snack table with chips and water available for purchase, and of course the Actors Theatre/ Associates Old Fashioned Soft Peppermint Sticks. 


Make plans to go, this is a great Christmas tradition to start! Shows run through December 23rd!


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