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Jeffersonville breaks ground on Chapel Lake Park – park will sit off New Chapel Road and back up to River Ridge property

Chapel Lake

Jeffersonville broke ground on the new Chapel Lake Park today – the 115-acre park will sit off of New Chapel Road and back up to River Ridge’s property. The River Ridge Board of Directors voted this week to donate 105 acres to the park.

“Chapel Lake Park is going to be unique and very special,” Mayor Mike Moore said. “This park will be the reason families and companies move to Jeff. It is that significant. We’ve got an opportunity to build a legacy here that is going to be enjoyed and remembered for generations.”

The park will be the city’s first east of I-265 and sits a mile and a half from 1600 households in the City of Jeffersonville.

After numerous public meetings and planning sessions, final design plans have been released and construction is ready to begin.

“One of the amazing things about this park is its wonderful topography, it has a natural creek running through it, it will have ponds, lakes, it will really be a nature park,” Jeffersonville Long Range Planner Chad Reischl said.

The park is located between the 5700 and 5800 block of New Chapel Road.

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