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Abbott announces intent to run for Mayor of Charlestown in 2019

Dave AbbottDavid Abbott, Sr. has announced his intent to seek the position of Mayor of Charlestown. Abbott will officially file with Clark County Clerk Susan Popp early next year before the February deadline.

Abbott is not new to the political arena. He has served on the Clark County Council for eight years, serving as President for four years.

When asked what he believed was the Council’s biggest accomplishment during his tenure, Abbott stated, “Keeping taxes low. We kept spending down and taxes affordable.”

Abbott has thought about running for Mayor of Charlestown for several years before taking the steps to make his dream a reality.

“I had thought about running and have wanted to run for several years. I talked the idea over with my wife, Cheri, and kids, David, Jr. and Erica, before making the commitment. Most people have no idea what kind of toll running a campaign can have on the candidates’ family. I wanted to make sure my family supported my idea. My family is, and always will be, first, and I could not chase my dream of being Mayor without their full support. I want to publicly thank them for their love and continued support,” Abbott stated.

Abbott Family

He continued, “I have been asked many times why I want to be Mayor. The answer is really simple. I love my hometown. I want to see great things happen in Charlestown. I want people to be proud to say they live in Charlestown. I want to make Charlestown the best place to live and raise a family. I want Charlestown to be the city people plant their family roots and continue to do so for generations to come.”

Abbott knows if elected Mayor, a few things will have to be addressed immediately. The problem with the water has been an ongoing issue for decades. He wants to take the steps to fix the issue and knows it will not be an overnight fix.

“The very first thing we will have to do, if elected Mayor, will be to check where the city is financially. We will have to see where we stand. I have heard of deals that I am leery about, but right now we do not know where the city stands financially. I do want to be known as the Mayor that fixed the water problem, but we have to have finances to do this. I know there are grants and ways to make this possible. I promise to take every avenue to make this possible. We need to make progress. We can make progress and we will if given the opportunity,” Abbott added.

Abbott also promises to have an open door policy. He has always shared his personal cell phone number so those that elected him had easy access to voice their opinions and concerns. If elected Mayor, this will be no different. The residents of Charlestown will have the opportunity to stop in City Hall and talk to Abbott or call him or even stop in to a Coffee Chat.

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“I want to be accessible. I promise to be accessible to the citizens of Charlestown. I want everyone to feel comfortable approaching me, whether it be at City Hall, in Jay C or at a high school football game, I want them to come talk to me. I never want the people to feel like they do not matter or their voice does not count. I want to bring the city together and all work together for the betterment of our city and our future,” Abbott stated. “I will even host Coffee Chats on Saturday mornings for those residents that work during the week and are unable to meet me during regular business hours.”

Although these are just a few of the ideas Abbott has announced during the first few months of the campaign, he is still working on others. He is open to suggestions and ideas from the citizens of Charlestown. Abbott knows to have a successful campaign, it will take many ideas from a variety of citizens to move the city forward.

“I have some other ideas that are in the beginning stages. I do want the citizens to share their concerns and questions. I am always open to new ideas. I have no problem meeting them at McDonald’s or Copper Kettle or King Donut for a cup of coffee to discuss their ideas, all they would have to do is call me,” Abbott said.

Abbott concluded by sharing ways to contact him. You may call him at 502-931-4669, like his page on Facebook- David Abbott For Mayor of Charlestown or visit his website at

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