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Candidates line up for Charlestown’s Mayoral election, Mayor Hall confirms he will run again in 2019


As 2018 comes to a close, candidates have come forward to announce their intent to seek the office of Charlestown Mayor in 2019.

Dave AbbottDavid Abbott Sr. will challenge incumbent Mayor Bob Hall in the Republican primary. Abbott, the owner of Abbott’s Lawn & Fence Company is no stranger to the political arena, having previously served on the Clark County Council for eight years.

“I have been asked several times why I want to be Mayor. The answer is really simple. I love my hometown. I want to see great things happen in Charlestown. I want people to be proud to say they live in Charlestown. I want to make Charlestown the best place to live and raise a family. I want Charlestown to be the city people plant their family roots and continue to do so for generations to come.”

You can read the complete release of Abbott’s announcement here.


Hodges.jpgCharlestown resident Treva Hodges also plans to run for Mayor – in the fall as a Democrat challenger. She announced her candidacy in late 2018, and has opened a campaign office across the corner from City Hall.

Hodges, a Charlestown resident, cites “inefficient operating practices in the current administration” and states that her campaign is focused on four core pledges: protecting private property rights, practice fiscal responsibility, foster community cohesion, and protecting Charlestown’s families and citizens.

“I plan to foster a unified community that thrives amid educational, recreational, and artistic opportunities that inspire the growth of industry and attract developers who want to invest in Charlestown’s future.” Hodges states.

You can read the complete release of Hodges’ announcement here.


49348593_776843922686078_1929836004181540864_nMayor Bob Hall is in his fourth term as Mayor of Charlestown – his third consecutive. He has confirmed his intent to run again in 2019, but Charlestown’s public information officer John Spencer states Hall has been focused on the City’s business and not the upcoming election.

“The Christmas Season is a time we hold dear, and he does not want to spend much time electioneering or thinking about the upcoming election,” Spencer states.  “After all, as Mayor, Bob lives the job every day and has to make decisions ranging from the mundane to future-altering. Beyond steering the ship (or City in this case), he chooses to concentrate on Christmas activities and on enjoying the visitors who come to town for the lights and events.”

“There will be plenty of time for campaigning next year.” Hall tells us.

We had planned to run this piece in mid-December, but refrained from any political coverage out of respect to those in mourning following the loss of CPD officer Ben Bertram. We’ll follow up early in the year with additional updates.

If you are planning to run for Charlestown office in 2019, please reach out to us at or by call or text to Leah at 812-670-6785.


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