Hodges will run for Mayor of Charlestown in 2019

HodgesCharlestown resident Treva Hodges announced her candidacy for the 2019 Charlestown mayoral race on the Democratic ticket. Citing “inefficient operating practices in the current administration,” Hodges said her campaign is based on four core pledges: protect private property rights, practice fiscal responsibility, foster community cohesion, and protect Charlestown families and citizens.

Hodges has two degrees in Communication Studies, and is finishing a doctoral degree in Humanities at the University of Louisville. Her campaign to “put Charlestown First” is influenced by the anticipated rapid growth in the city.  She stated that, “We need to strengthen our lagging infrastructure and ensure that Charlestown is better equipped to welcome businesses and new residents.”

Hodges announced her intent to run in late October of 2018 with a video announcement.

She believes that a change in administrative leadership is long overdue, and Hodges hopes to overcome the “extreme polarization among Charlestown residents.”  She said, “A lack of transparency, sometimes even intentional secrecy, has resulted in the belief of many citizens that their interests are not being fairly represented by city government.” Hodges believes that, “as public servants, mayors are accountable to the people they represent,” and she plans to demonstrate that accountability by increasing access to meeting information, budgets, and spending.

Social support systems also play a role in Hodges’s plan. “I plan to foster a unified community that thrives amid educational, recreational, and artistic opportunities that inspire the growth of industry and attract developers who want to invest in Charlestown’s future.”

Hodges said she looks forward to hitting the campaign trail, but has already taken steps to be available to the people she hopes to serve. A campaign headquarters, located at 904 Main Street in Charlestown, is open during the week for regular hours and on weekends by appointment so that residents can meet Hodges in person and discuss the city’s needs.

She also curates www.TalkingPoli.com, where Hodges regularly posts audio and summaries of Charlestown’s City Council and Redevelopment meetings.

Hodges recently held a “Hometown Holiday” Christmas party for friends and supporters at the historic Charlestown Governor’s Mansion. You can learn more about her platform by viewing the video of her speech from the event:


Questions about upcoming events or campaign material can be sent to the campaign email address trevaformayor@gmail.com or by phone at (812) 896-5647. Additional information is available on the campaign website www.trevaformayor.com.

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