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Happy New Year, Charlestown: 2019, here we come

Happy New Year, Charlestown!

What a year! We’re celebrating 8 months in operation in mid-January, and its been a fun ride. An emotional one at times, and a challenging one on occasion.

We’re excited to be a part of things, and thank you for being along for the journey as we grow into our business model and figure out exactly what this new Charlestown Courier thing is. More importantly, thank you for allowing our family to be a part of your lives.

There are so many things that make Charlestown special, and the fabric of our community is woven primarily out of so many of you who are passionate about this place we call home. There’s a diversity to be accounted for in opinions or where we all stand on local issues…but for the most part at the end of the day, Charlestown is a community that can transcend these divides – one that shows up, and comes together when it matters most. As disheartening as things can be politically here at times, there is always hope to be found in that.

We love Charlestown, we love raising our kids here, and we’re looking forward to what 2019 brings. We started this publication with the goal of slow but steady growth and are committed to spending the first year (at least) building relationships and supporting the community, its schools and organizations, and local business. That remains foremost our primary goal as we move into 2019. It’s our passion and the reason that we do this. We’d love to jump straight to print, but let’s consider this a courting period – you can all get to know us, what we’re about, and we can grow some deeper roots. We’re not comfortable selling anyone anything (including expensive ads) until we’ve proven what we can do, but more importantly, who we are.

More than anything, we are pro-Charlestown and hope to use this platform to help get your message out – whether its your story, your church or small business, your organization. Let’s discuss how we can build a relationship.

2019 also brings politics to the forefront once again in the form of our City elections – something that many tend to dread for its divisive nature, and others look to as an opportunity for change. We intend to cover these issues respectfully, factually, and with a sense of fairness. Regardless of how the coming elections play out, we are still Charlestown. Politics won’t garner daily coverage and you won’t see a story here every time a candidate shakes someone’s hand or kisses a baby. We won’t endorse candidates – you can decide these things for yourselves. We are optimistic about the willingness of the candidates to be decent to one another and open with their constituents, and that’s the kind of environment we hope to foster. This also isn’t a forum for our own personal leanings or opinions. Everyone has them, but this a medium for the sharing of information and factual reporting and we will do so to the best of our ability given the constraints of time and access.

As we grow this year, we hope you’ll continue to give us feedback. We’ve tried some things, scrapped some things, made adjustments, but most importantly we’ve tried to be responsive and in tune. We are a small publication, mostly one person, and we have a family and another business – we try to cover as much as we can and be as quick as we can, but sometimes life gets in the way. Please bear with us as we grow.

We’re not the Leader (we miss them, too), and we’re not the News and Tribune, though we consider them a partner in gathering an delivering news. We’re a hyper-local publication, and a hybrid form of journalism. We try to adhere to best practices while also trying some new things.

Please continue to reach out. We have some fun and exciting thing planned for the coming year. We’d love to hear what you think so far, so please drop us a line. We are also always on the lookout for contributors – columnists, student writers, letters to the editor, or photo submissions.

In closing, we know that 2018 has been a rough year for many – we’re wishing you and your families a much happier New Year. We also extend our sincerest sympathies to the family of Sgt. Bertram and the Charlestown Police Department. Our blue porch light will stay on for him indefinitely and we’re keeping you in our prayers.

Thank you for your continued support. Happy New Year!

Leah Lowe, Publisher |

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