Workshop: Using Soil Test Results To Select The Right Fertilizer and Ag Lime Products

Workshop: Using Soil Test Results To Select The Right Fertilizer and Ag Lime Products

When: Tuesday, January 22 (6:30pm –9:00pm)

Where: Clark County 4-H Fairgrounds (9608 Hwy 62, Charlestown)

PARP and CCH (category 1, 14 and RT) Recertification credits will be offered



1. Soil testing and use of test results to select the right fertilizer and Ag lime products – James Camberato, Purdue University, Department of Agronomy

2. “BeeAware” – PARP Regulatory Topic —Simon Kafari, Clark County Extension


While the application of fertilizer and Ag lime to our crops and pastures occurs frequently for obvious beneficial rea- sons, their misuse can lead to long-term problems on the land. It is not always easy, and indeed almost impossible to get it perfectly right with the use of Fertilizers and Ag lime products, but putting due diligence to the use of these prod- ucts, would often lead to minor errors, which would hopefully be corrected by the resilience of the soil. Sadly, because the soil is constantly at work to correct itself under adverse situations, the problem of under/over application of lime and fertilizer may not be noticed for several years. A land that turns alkaline from over application of Ag lime for in- stance may not get to that stage with only one year of over application of lime. It could take many years of cumulative abuse to get to that stage.

It is also worth noting that the excess lime material used for several years leading to alkalinity problems involves the waste of precious time and the loss of scarce dollars. It will equally take several years of extra man hours and the spend- ing of more dollars to get the land back to where it needs to be if it is inadvertently abused. In other words, either way, it is not a win-win situation for the crop farmer or rancher as there is a double loss in man hours and dollars. The same applies to the over/under use of fertilizer or the use of the wrong type of fertilizer.

To address this problem and to educate farmers, Clark County Extension will host an Agronomy workshop, moderated by Dr. Jim Camberato, Department of Agronomy, Purdue University on January 22, 2019 at 6:30pm. Jim will take par- ticipants through all what they need to know about the soil testing process and the use of soil test results to select the right fertilizer and Ag lime for their farms.

Simon Kafari, ANR Extension Educator will teach a PARP regulatory topic “BeeAware” to enable pesticide users to get recertification credits. There will be a $10 fee for recertification credits. If you are interested in PARP credits, please bring your PA card for registration.

Although the workshop is free, registration is required to attend as a minimum number is required for the program to come on. To register for this event, or if you have questions about the event, please call the Clark County Extension of- fice (812-256-4591). You may also register by sending an e-mail to Skafari@purdue.edu. RSVP with the Clark County Extension Office by January 18th, 2019. Should you need a reasonable accommodation to participate in this event, pri- or to the day of the workshop, please contact the Extension office.

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