Family asking for help finding beloved family pet missing from Charlestown’s Glendale neighborhood

From the Charlestown Neighborhood Watch group:

Hi everyone! If anyone out there knows who Jeannie Brandenburg is (she taught elementary school for quite a long time here in Charlestown at Pleasant Ridge) I’m her daughter-in-law. The missing cat signs you see around town are for our missing 10 year old Calico named “Pancakes,” or “Cakes” for short.

Jeannie’s grand-daughter, my daughter, has had that cat since she was two years old, and is missing old Cakes badly. We all are. She took off under our legs, as we were bringing groceries in on January First.

She is one smart and amazing cat, sweet and loving too. Skittish around other people and definitely skittish around dogs. She is about 10 years old, and will hide under things, like porches, or in sheds, or garages, under houses, in crawl spaces, in tiny corners etc… and she may be very scared if you try to approach her.

There is a reward, and if you’d like to help, please quietly and carefully check under your decks, in garages, and sheds, even if they’ve been closed (a cat can get in and get trapped and not be able to find their way out, especially if disoriented.) Check in the day, and at night, at different times.

Cakes was a “talker!” If you talk directly to her, she’d meow right back, almost like talking to you. One of our favorite games to play with her was to ask her questions, like “What does a Cow say, Cakes?” She’d always go “mew.” “What do we breathe Cakes?” She’d give a meow that sounded like “Mwair.” etc…

If you are a family that’s taken our cat in, please call us to let us know she’s safe and being taken care of. It would help us all, and my daughter, especially, sleep better at night. 812-595-4091.

P.S. Of course we will take all the signs around town down if she is not eventually found, except in the few neighbors yards we know very well, and at our church, St. Michael’s. Thank you Charlestown for letting us put those signs up, and being understanding about this situation.

In searching for her I’ve met so many kind people around Charlestown who want to help. Thank you Charlestown for all your love and support. *The cat was lost in the Glendale neighborhood. Our property backs up to the Eickholtz farm, so if anyone around that area sees her too, please let us know. Of all the pictures shared below, the one on the top is the most recent. But this is what our Cakes looks like.

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