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Charlestown 2019: This Week in Politics

This week several candidates filed for Charlestown City offices, joining a slate of others who have announced early or expressed their intent to run for office in Charlestown’s 2019 City elections.

Charlestown’s current Mayor Bob Hall, who is approaching the end of his fourth term as Mayor and third consecutive, had previously confirmed that he would run again in 2019.

This weekend Hall introduced several new candidates who intend to file this week and run alongside him on the Republican ticket, including notable locals but political newcomers in “Bo” Mark Bertram for 1st District Councilman, Ruthie Jackson for 2nd District Councilwoman, and B.J. Steele for 3rd District Councilman. They will join returning council members J.T. Cox, and Brian Hester, who according to the announcement intend to file for reelection this week.

Hall’s announcement confirms that Donna Coomer will again seek the office of Charlestown Clerk-Treasurer. Tina Barnes, who currently serves on the City Council, announced in late December her intent to run against Coomer for the Clerk-Treasurer position in 2019.

Treva Hodges, who previously announced her intent to run for Mayor, formally filed her candidacy this week with the Clark County Clerk.

David Abbott also formally filed this week to run for Mayor of Charlestown, and announced this weekend the opening of his campaign headquarters inside the laundromat at 835 Park Street. He also states he plans to be at Charlestown’s McDonalds each Thursday at 7:00 pm to make himself available to those with questions or who would like to discuss his campaign.

Other Charlestown Candidates:

Angela Cornett will run for District 2 City Council as a Democrat

Susan Bottorff will run for District 4 City Council as a Democrat

Theresa Brading will run At Large for City Council as a Democrat

Ronnie Blevins will run for District 3 City Council as a Republican

Darlene DuVall Williams will run for District 1 City Council as a Republican

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