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Mayor Hall: Charlestown best positioned in region to live and raise a family

49348593_776843922686078_1929836004181540864_nI have always felt that Charlestown is positioned to be the absolute best community in the region to live and raise a family. During my time as Mayor we have made major improvements in the city’s infrastructure and utilities. We have lowered crime, promoted safer housing, added three parks, and launched educational initiatives. City services have been expanded and are more efficient than ever, drainage improvements have been made, and the overall quality of life has been enhanced through added sidewalks, street lights, and decorative signage. Christmas in Charlestown has gotten better and drawn more people each year. Founder’s Day continues to be a huge success.

I am proud of what we, as a community, have been able to accomplish but I am excited about the prosperity that is on the horizon. This election year I look forward to sharing, in detail, what our community has achieved, what is in progress, and what we can achieve in the years ahead.

Improvements, that involve change, are never simple or easy. Our team has worked hard from the beginning and has fought for the future of Charlestown. We want the opportunity to continue to work and to fight for a bright future for Charlestown.

Mayor Hall is in his fourth term as Mayor of Charlestown, his third consecutive. He is married to Virginia Hall, and they have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. Prior to becoming Mayor, Hall owned and operated a mortgage company.


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