Fourteen Mile Creek, Goose Creek Watershed Improvement Project Announces Availability of Cost-Share Funds

Agricultural landowners and/or operators with property in the Fourteen Mile Creek or Goose Creek Watersheds are eligible to apply for cost-share funds to install best management practices (BMPs) that are designed to improve water quality in critical areas of the watersheds. BMPs are effective and practical methods that prevent or reduce the movement of sediment, nutrients, animal wastes, and other pollutants from the land to surface or ground water. Clark County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is managing a grant through the United States EPA and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to address water quality issues in the two watersheds through a cost-share program that will cover up to 60% of the installation costs for practices like alternative livestock watering systems, forage plantings, fencing, cover crops, and heavy use area protection.

Agricultural producers located in either the Fourteen Mile Creek Watershed and/or the Goose Creek Watershed are encouraged to contact the Watershed Coordinator, David Trotter, to determine if they are eligible to receive cost-share funding. The Fourteen Mile Creek/Goose Creek Watersheds are located in parts of Clark, Scott, and Jefferson Counties in Indiana. More information about the project, as well as, an application form for cost-share funding can be found at the project website (www.14milecreekwatershed.weebly.com) or contact the Clark County Soil and Water Conservation District at 812-256-2330, extension 3.

See the attached photos, for the informational brochure.

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