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Candidate Profile: Ronald Blevins, At-Large Candidate for Charlestown City Council


Ronald Blevins

Candidate for City Council at-Large

Charlestown, Indiana


Educational background:

I have an Associate degree in Business Administration from University of Phoenix.

I have a Bachelor degree in Public Administration from Southern New Hampshire University.

I am a member of The National Society of Leadership and Success.


Professional Background:

Marketing Director for my family owned business “Blevins Sanitation Inc.” – 12 years

I am an employee of the Greater Clark County School system- 4 years

I am a Music Minister at my home church in Charlestown where my Father Pastors.


Family Info: 

I have been married for 13 years this past March, to my wife Yvonne. We have 4 children, 3 girls and 1 boy.



I am a Christian Conservative Republican. I believe by putting God first, God will bless our city. Being good stewards of tax payer dollars is a moral obligation. I honestly believe that Charlestown is a perfect location for great growth. Growth is headed this way. The question is will we be ready for it? I plan to bring more jobs to Charlestown that can offer great economic sustainability for our community and families for generations to come. We should give companies incentives to come to Charlestown. I would like to see the gateway plaza revitalized. The old Jay-C store would make a good location for a department store. The city can benefit from the income from the economic growth through the revenue source of taxes. By growing our economy and generating more income for the city, this could help create more jobs for families, help with much needed infrastructure projects and put Charlestown in the right direction economically. I am thankful for what we do have but more restaurants would be nice for families to enjoy here in Charlestown. Instead of driving to Jeffersonville or Clarksville for a good dinner, citizens of Charlestown should be able to enjoy more of a variety right here. I believe we can grow, but also maintain that great small hometown feeling.

We need more businesses to come to river ridge on the Charlestown side. We see lots of companies coming in on the Jeffersonville side. More Charlestown families can get jobs right here in this city. This would be a good thing. Creating jobs and taking care of our Charlestown families will make us a stronger community.

As City Councilman at-Large, I will work directly with the Pleasant Ridge residents to come up with a solution to cleaning and fixing that neighborhood up. Instead of making them feel like the city is attacking them, they will be treated with the respect that they deserve. I have met and talked to a lot of good people in PR and they have a great desire to clean the neighborhood up. I would like to start a neighborhood cleanup program. Get people involved in this effort and when working together, we can accomplish great things with this neighborhood. We need to take action on getting rid of squatters in this area. This is not good for PR or the rest of the community. This imposes a threat to the citizens. The city of Charlestown residents will know who their Councilman is and will know that I do care. I will be approachable to my constituents.

I will work with the Charlestown police department to fight the drug epidemic and other crimes in Charlestown. I do understand as the city grows, this opens us up to more vulnerability for crimes. I will support our law enforcement and ensure that they have every resource available to them to keep Charlestown citizens safe.

I will get involved and work with Indiana America Water to ensure that they do everything possible to get our brown water issue fixed as quickly as possible. I will make sure that Charlestown residents get the clean water that they deserve.

We need to address drainage issues that have been ongoing for quite some time in the Glendale Subdivision as well as other parts of the city. This is one of many of our infrastructure problems that we have. As councilman, I will address these issues and do whatever that is possible to fix this problem and not just Band-Aid it.

I want to create more youth programs and activities for the families of Charlestown. Residents of Charlestown should be able to enjoy more activities right here in this city. I would like to work with teachers and school administrators to see what we can do as elected leaders to make the life of our students, teachers and administrators better to ensure great quality education for our students. I do believe that great education can help break the cycle of poverty.

I want to see the celebration of Christmas continue in Charlestown. Families enjoy this and this is a very special time of year for many, including my own family.

I will be a voice for the people. Regardless of who is elected as Mayor, I will stand up for what is right and stand against what is wrong. I will work with the Mayor and not just agree or disagree with him or her because of party. I am not a yes man. I will be there to represent my constituents.

Thank you for your consideration for me to be your next City Councilman at Large.

May God bless,

Ronald Blevins

Blevins will host a “Campaign Community Cookout” this Saturday, April 6th from 2-6pm at 1376 Market Street in Charlestown.

For more information on candidate Blevins please visit his Facebook page.

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