Coach Perry Hunter: Who Do You Think You Are?


Featuring the first installment of a new column by a familiar local face.

by Perry Hunter | I’m just a guy who is probably too self-aware that is able to convey his feelings in written and spoken form that some people can relate.

That’s it.

Sure, I’m a husband and father (the greatest thing I am), a son, a brother, a….well, you get the point. I’m many things.

I’m a basketball coach who has lost with seasons where I’ve won 3 games to this past season as an assistant with Silver Creek boys where we won the State Championship.

Championship eam.jpg

I’m someone who thinks too much, worries too often, and too often thinks they know everything and nothing at the same time.

I’m someone who deals with anxiety and sometimes feel like I don’t know if I want to go on, but am scared to death I’m going to die.

I feel the weight of too much responsibility, but yet, will pull back when I cannot breathe because of me not being able to say “no”.

Recently, I was asked by Leah Lowe if I would provide an article from time to time for the Charlestown Courier, and I agreed.

Not because I think I have anything anyone would want to read, but because writing is cathartic for me and if maybe, just maybe, it can help someone else see they’re not alone, make them smile, or help them to remember something than that is a good thing.

I enjoy being from and living in southern Indiana.

Yes, I love my hometown of Henryville and my current town of the last 16 years, Sellersburg.

But I can also see the goodness in the surrounding communities and the people who make those places tick on a daily basis.

I enjoy traveling over seas (I have been on five continents and Lord willing six this summer when the family heads to Australia) for coaching clinics and the basketball people know about Indiana high school basketball.

I enjoy finding joy in the monotony of daily life. I believe we too often forget to stop and smell not just the roses, but the air outside even if it is the smell of whatever is burning from the Clark-Floyd Landfill (what is that by the way?).

Finally, my faith in Jesus Christ is what helps me make sense of the chaotic, depressing things that happen too often to and around me.

I put my hope not in the things of this world, but in Him.

I put my hope not in the people of this world, but in Him.

I put my hope not in anything of this world, but I do in Him.

So, here we go, this is the first installment of what may become something I do regularly, or it might be the last, depending on what readers think.

It could be basketball related, it could be Jesus related, it could be family related, or it could be about something that is on mind and has nothing to do with any of that.

Thanks in advance for reading, but if you do not; well, have a great day anyway.

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