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Letter to the Editor: A Mom’s Perspective, by Jan Cox

by Jan Cox | This spring has been like none other than I have experienced. I have had the privilege of working the Primary Election with Mayor Bob Hall and his team.  Let me preface this by saying our son, J.T. Cox, is part of that team running for Councilman at Large.

My husband, Rick & I have always supported our kids throughout the years but somehow this was different.  When J.T. first came to us asking our thoughts about his running, we were concerned.  I know that may sound peculiar; but, we have seen first hand how political differences can become personal attacks on both the candidate and his or her families.  Rick & I choose not to be on Facebook as what was created to help people stay connected has somehow become a forum to bashing others.  We have caught wind of things said in regards to J.T. and our grandchildren (totally heartbreaking to us).  However, if you knew him, you would know his character and his and Kristin’s longing and love for their family. He has his own voice (and speaks it) and a servant’s heart.  His personal cell number has been given to everyone we have met.  He is easily accessible.


J.T. Cox (bottom row, far right) and family.

We of course expressed our concerns but when J.T. shared his desire to serve his community, his excitement in the direction the city is going and wanting to be a part of the growth, we absolutely knew his motives were in the right place.   He is totally invested in making Charlestown a great place to live and raise a family.

Once on board, I must say my respect for Mayor Bob has grown and as I witnessed the manner in which he leads, it has been without a doubt amazing.  His positive energy is contagious!  He is focused on making positive changes to our city and I have not heard one ill word spoken from him towards any of their opponents.

I have had the opportunity to knock on many doors in all four Districts and it has been revitalizing!  Citizens are happy with the new sidewalks, the pocket parks, and the preparation the mayor is doing for the continual growth.  I’ve heard numerous times, “The city has never looked better” & I agree!  I’ve asked residents who have moved from surrounding areas why they chose to relocate to Charlestown.  Hands down they said they have been coming to Founder’s Day & Christmas City for years and wanted to part of such a Community.  Now that just fills my soul!

The number one concern has been the water and citizens are voicing that they understand the issue is being addressed.  In four years, at the next election, this should be a mute issue.  Let’s not hinder the process.

Statistically, people wait until the general election to cast their votes. This Primary is crucial.  I want to encourage you to go out and vote.  Let’s continue to keep our city moving in the right direction.  Please consider Mayor Bob’s team when going to the polls this Tuesday, May 7th:  Donna Coomer, J.T. Cox (Councilman at Large), Bo Bertram (District 1), Ruthie Jackson (District 2), B.J. Steele (District 3) & Brian Hester (District 4).

As parents, we want our kids grow up to love and serve the Lord, be a mentor and role model to our children.  J.T. wanting to serve his community is an added Blessing for sure.  J.T., we are so proud of the way in which you have ran your campaign – with integrity & dignity. Good luck son on Tuesday!

Jan Cox

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