Letter to the Editor: DeAnna Harney asks, Are You Venom?

by DeAnna Harney | Primary Election Day is upon us. I’m asking everyone to vote with knowledge and not with who owes who what, or who knows who. Do you know all details of our city government as it is ran now and the heart break it has caused some of our neighbors?

Does our city look great…sure does, but at what cost has this happened? We have people in Pleasant Ridge that have lived in limbo for several years and it has taken a toll on our neighbors. In a court proceeding our mayor said that poor people do not contribute to society…is this what he thinks and expects of the people of Pleasant Ridge? If so, what does he think of everyone else? All the good works does not make up for how you treat people and all people, not just the ones you associate with.

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The mayors slogan of Vision over Venom is really a put down to our town. People have a right to disagree and how you handle it is very telling. Are you Venom?

There are lawsuits against our city, mayor and council. One councilman referred to these as hate lawsuits. How do you get yourself in messes like this…by doing people wrong. Our city will be paying for these law suits.

The sale of the water should have been taken to a vote since our town owned the water utility. We could have found the answer even if it was costly because in the end we are paying anyway. The small amount you will be receiving for 4 or 5 years from the city is a very small amount.

There is a danger in having a governing body that does not listen to people…not just some people but all. Everyone cannot be satisfied all the time, but not treating all fairly and with respect should not be tolerated. People have been told if you don’t like how the city is ran to move. Is that the answer? I know it isn’t. We are a growing town and great things can come but we don’t need to step on others to get there.

I’d say…Citizens of Charlestown, Vote out the Venom and get the Vision.

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  1. Awesome read! Wonderfully written.Thanks for acknowleging ALL people! Vote out the Hate Monger!I pray to god Hes thrown outta there!

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