Letter to the Editor: Ronni Hester Offers a Wife’s Perspective on Husband Brian’s time on Charlestown City Council

by Ronni Hester | I would like to tell you about my husband, Brian Hester. He is a lifelong resident of Charlestown. He is the youngest son to Nook and Margaret Hester. Brother to Penny, Greg, and Steve Hester. Proudly, Brian is also an amazing father to our three sons, Brady, Dalton, and Boomer. Brian has been a baseball, basketball, and football coach to the youth in this city for over thirty years.

Brian is a teacher at the Charlestown Middle School. He became a Teacher for the pure love of the kids, and his desire to impact their future in a positive way. Any place we go in town, kids run up yelling, “Mr. Hester!”, almost always saying, “He is my favorite Teacher!” sometimes followed by, “and I am not even in his class!”.


Brian and Ronni Hester and family.

It was the love for those kids, as well as our own three boys. That sparked his decision to run for City Council four years ago. I remember then Brian said, “I want to do what’s right for the future of these kids, and the residents of Charlestown”, and he still feels the same way today.

To say it has been a tough four years, would be an understatement. I have watched this man stay up late nights, early mornings, and immediately after school; investing his time to read and study documents to better educate himself before City meetings. Brian does this to make sure that he knows everything involved before casting his vote.

There are far more things Brian does as a Councilman than what the general public may observe in a meeting. In the last four years, there have been many times that he dropped everything, in order to help others in their moment of need. Once he went out after receiving a call from a Resident on Water Street, about a tree that had fallen across the alley, just to see how he could help. Another time, just after Brian was elected he helped a resident on High Street solve a flooding issue due to drainage issues in front of their home that they had problems with for several years prior. These are just a few examples of the many things he does because he loves, cares, and truly wants to help others

I can assure you my Husband has lost more sleep pondering how he might bring the City together and make things great for everyone, regardless of political party. But it is just not that easy.

In closing, as his wife I have had a hard time remaining silent when someone calls him a “Yes man” , because I know he has voted “NO” when he felt it was right to do so, or when he needed more time to better educate himself on an issue. I believe we need Council Members with integrity, that vote “YES” and “NO” when needed, and I believe that person is Brian Hester- a compassionate, genuine person who loves and cares for this City and it’s residents!


Ronni Kaye Hester

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