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Jeffersonville opens “EnVision Center” in Spring Hill neighborhood

The City of Jeffersonville held an open house today at the new Spring Hill EnVision Center located at the former Boys and Girls Club in the Claysburg Neighborhood.

The Spring Hill EnVision Center will offer a centralized hub for support and programming that focuses on Economic Empowerment, Educational Advancement, Health and Wellness, Character and Leadership. It’s a result of a community partnership forged by Mayor Mike Moore with the Housing Authority, Parks Department, Urban Enterprise Association, Redevelopment Commission, Life Spring, First Savings Bank and Ivy Tech College.

“This is in the perfect space, in the best location, for us to use to help make a difference to members of the community who want to continue their education, get financial guidance as far as investing or home ownership,” said Moore of the facility located at 142 Bates-Bowyer Avenue. “Our parks department will offer athletic and after school programming for youth. It will be a place where kids can go to enjoy themselves and spend time.”

The building consists of nearly 8,000 square feet with a gymnasium, conference rooms, offices, and commercial grade kitchen.

The Boys and Girls Club has gone unused since the organization ceased operations several years ago, leaving a big vacancy in the heart of the neighborhood.

Moore noted that the EnVision Center is part of the city’s larger investment in the Claysburg neighborhood. The City is spending nearly $1 million to reconstruct the area between 14th and Riddle Street with improved sidewalks, striped bicycle lanes, clearly-defined parking spaces, improved street lighting and new amenities at transit stops.

Jeffersonville’s EnVision Center is owned by the Jeffersonville Housing Authority and is one of the first of its kind in the region under a new initiative from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Recent renovations were made to the facility to transform it into the Spring Hill EnVision Center. The City along with the Jeffersonville Housing Authority and the Jeffersonville Urban Enterprise Association helped fund the renovations.

The EnVision Centers demonstration is premised on the notion that financial support alone is insufficient to solve the problem of poverty. Intentional and collective efforts across a diverse set of organizations are needed to implement a holistic approach to foster long-lasting self-sufficiency. EnVision Centers will provide communities with a centralized hub for support in the following four pillars: (1) Economic Empowerment, (2) Educational Advancement, (3) Health and Wellness, and (4) Character and Leadership.

The Economic Empowerment pillar is designed to improve the economic sustainability of individuals residing in HUD-assisted housing by empowering them with opportunities to improve their economic outlook. The Education pillar seeks to bring educational opportunities directly to HUD-assisted housing and includes partnering with public and private organizations that approach education in non-traditional ways on non-traditional platforms. The Health and Wellness pillar is designed to improve access to health outcomes by individuals and families living in HUD-assisted housing. The Character and Leadership pillar is designed to enable all individuals and families residing in HUD-assisted housing, especially young people, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens by encouraging participation in volunteer and mentoring opportunities.

Through results-driven partnerships with federal agencies, state and local governments, non-profits, faith-based organizations, corporations, public housing authorities (PHAs), tribal designated housing entities (TDHEs) and housing finance agencies, EnVision Centers will leverage public and private resources to help individuals and families living in HUD-assisted housing climb the ladder of opportunity.

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