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Pirates ready to take on Dragons in Battle of 403

Charlestown, Ind. – Charlestown High School Football will head to Silver Creek to take on the Dragons on at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, August 23rd. Both teams will open their season as they face off in one of our areas biggest sports rivalries – recently coined the “Battle of 403.”

A new trophy is on the line. Both teams are pumped, and for many of the Seniors heading into their first game of the season, it’s more than just a rivalry.

Charlestown Senior Bo Braunecker has mixed emotions about the game, as he came to Charlestown after playing pee-wee football as a kid with many of his opponents.

“This is the last time I’ll be playing against some of my best buddies.” Braunecker says. “Being a Senior, knowing that I don’t have another year to play and that this is my last year…it makes me want to give every bit of effort I have each play, every game – because after this season, that’s it for my high school career.”


Charlestown Senior Bo Braunecker (Photo by M. Braunecker)

We expect Braunecker to bring it. A looming presence on the field at 6’3, the Senior is as solid on the line as he is as a receiver and a rare combination of size and speed. A Courier-Journal “player to watch” this season, he’ll be instrumental in the Pirates’ success.

“It’s Creek Week!” Bo says, “We’ve had great practices, the energy has been amazing. We are ready to play.”

Braxton Fackler, a Silver Creek senior this year, is excited to get the season started. “The Dragons are going to bring it to 403,” he said. “We love this game, the rivalry is a great start to the year – the build-up and hard work is explosive! We believe we’ve got a real shot. Pirates, we look forward to a good game.”


Silver Creek Senior Braxton Fackler (submitted).

Fackler starts the season again this year as an offensive lineman and defensive back.

The Silver Creek Dragons had a tough time holding their own against Charlestown’s Marion Lukes around this time last year – Lukes ran for 249 yards in 13 carries vs. Silver Creek, and finished the season ranked 11th in the nation in his Junior year.

The Pirates are back again with a solid team this year, and meanwhile Silver Creek is adapting to a new coach in Dave Papenhaus, who stepped into the role when Coach John Dablow became the Silver Creek Athletic Director. Papenhaus spent the previous four seasons as a Defensive Coordinator coaching under Charlestown’s Jason Hawkins.

A number of interesting elements are at play here – the question is: who will be the first to take home the new Battle of 403 trophy?

You can watch the live-stream sponsored by Crickets Cafe here.

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