Major changes coming to Anytime Fitness Charlestown

For the past few months, staff at Anytime Fitness-Charlestown has been diligently preparing for the launch of an excellent program known as “AF Training.”

“This change in how we train clients is the biggest change we’ve made in our gym in the past 5 years,” says Scott Fellows, owner of the fitness center.  “New equipment has been purchased, and additional training staff has been hired.  Each trainer has their personal training certification so that you can be assured that professionals are caring for you!”

This proven, results-oriented, functional training system provides personal training workouts in a team environment (up to 12 people per session).  Each session type features undulating periodization—a systematic variation of training volume and intensity into shorter periods of time.  There are 3 session types called BASE, BURN or BUILD, and each will be offered multiple times per week to meet differing work, school, or family schedules.

Sessions change week to week so you won’t get bored by doing the same exercises over and over. Programs are based on science, as well as the latest research, and can be tailored to meet clients where they are on their fitness journey.  This allows clients of varied fitness levels from beginners to advanced to train simultaneously.  The workouts are designed to be refreshing and fun.

Trainers have been practicing the training sessions with club staff and family the past couple of weeks to make certain that when the program is rolled out to club members it is top-notch.  Kasey Hollensworth, who participated in both BASE and BURN sessions, said, “When I was asked to do this team training, I was very intimidated by working out in front of other people. I thought everyone would be judging me. However, I love it now!! It makes exercise much more fun to have trainers who are encouraging you to do your best, but no one in the class is judging you because they are focused on their own workout.”

BASE sessions are perfect for beginners, those who have been out of the gym for a while, or those with movement issues that need to be corrected before adding more advanced layers of workouts.  BASE programming will assist with establishing proper movement patterns and conditioning while providing challenging, full body, interval training.  Jill Fellows, Certified Personal Trainer by the American Council on Exercise, says, “BASE sessions are perfect for any age or body shape as this is where change for the better begins.”

BURN sessions provide the ultimate fat loss workout combining strength training and cardio.  During this session, clients will burn lots of calories as this program utilizes High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to build strength and endurance.  Clients will be pushed because that’s where change happens.  “BURN sessions are fun, fast-paced and provide the sweat-equity to make the changes our clients want to see,” says Felicia Massingham, International Sports Science Association Certified Fitness Trainer.

BUILD sessions are designed to challenge clients to use heavier loads with fewer reps.  This session progresses through advanced movements and power levels via lifts not otherwise likely to be done on your own.  This workout uses old school methods paired with modern science to achieve fat loss, as well as build a stronger, leaner and more athletic physique.  Bo Bertram, a trainer who has been with the club for over 10 years and is certified by the International Sports Science Association, says the BUILD program allows for anyone to start lifting heavier levels without the repetition of dead-lifts or bench-pressing.”

Current members are being offered the program on a “try before you buy” basis by scheduling up to 4 free sessions.  “We believe that once members try a session, they will be hooked.  Exercise is easier when you have a workout buddy or two.  These team sessions allow for a social aspect that many people are craving, but the focus stays on the exercise and improving at your own rate.  It’s not about competition, but a congenial atmosphere to be your own best,” says Amy Farmer, club sales manager.

Prospective members who join in October will get to enjoy the trial sessions too! These 4 free training sessions are a $60 value added onto your membership.  Plus, if you decide to continue with the training, you can lock-in the promotional pricing which is only available until November 30th.

Many people aren’t looking at gym membership as an investment, but it is!!  It’s an investment in good health and wellness, whether you’re at a place that doctor is telling you to make changes based on chronic health issues or you need the stress relief from a demanding life or you just want a different reflection in the mirror.  Membership at Anytime Fitness provides you with a coach and a plan from day 1.  These sessions are just an added level of training that we want to provide to our members.

Call 812-256-8463 if you would like more information about membership in general or the new AF Training Program.  Guests can visit the club during staffed hours of Mondays to Thursdays – 9am to 8 pm, Fridays – 9am to 4pm, and Saturdays – 9am to 12 pm.


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