Indiana American Water retiring fire hydrants in Charlestown

CHARLESTOWN, Ind. (December 9, 2019) Indiana American Water is retiring approximately 61 fire hydrants in Charlestown, Ind. after installing new hydrants throughout parts of the system earlier this year. The work, which got underway in October after a system flush was completed, will remove older hydrants that are no longer needed after 96 new hydrants were installed in August.

According to Bill Reedy, operations manager for Indiana American Water’s southern and central Indiana operations, “Customers in the areas where we are working may notice some discolored water as we remove these fire hydrants. Because the older hydrants did not have valves installed at the time that would allow them to be isolated from the system for this type of work, we are having to shut down service for a brief period in parts of the system while we remove these hydrants. Unfortunately, this process is stirring up sediment in the distribution system and causing some discolored water in nearby neighborhoods.”

“We have invested more than $2 million in the Charlestown system since March and performed a major flush to remove manganese and other sediments from the system,” Reedy continued. “We also have plans for additional long-term improvements in the months and years ahead to further improve the quality of the water we are providing.

We appreciate our customers’ patience and understanding as we work to solve these long- term issues they have been dealing with over the last several decades,” said Reedy.

Customers in affected areas are being notified about shutdowns and related boil water advisories through the company’s emergency alert notification system, which uses phone calls, texts and e-mails to notify them concerning system issues and emergency situations. Customers should make sure their contact information and preferences are up to date by logging on to or registering for an online account at

Upcoming work that will affect the largest number of customers include:

• Tuesday, December 10—removing six fire hydrants on the city’s southwest side. The shutdown will disrupt service to nearly 100 customers on High Jackson Rd, Hillside Circle, Main Street, Reynolds Street, High Street, Water Street, Taff Street, McCampbell Street, Shelby Court, Woodridge Drive, Jennings Court, Jennings Street, Wood Street, and Spring Street. Water service will be turned off at approximately 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday and could be interrupted for up to 8 hours.

• Wednesday, December 11—removing four fire hydrants. The shutdown will affect approximately 144 customers on Gospel Road, Randolph Street, Cardinal Drive, Denham Lane, Marcy Street, Halcyon Road, Guildord Road, Riley Avenue, Winthrop Avenue, Clark Road, Kenwood Avenue, Marshall Drive, Hampton Court, Berkley Road, Butler Avenue, Arlington Avenue, Lowell Avenue, Fairfield Avenue, Highland Drive, Ridge Road, Spring Street, Crestview Court, Audubon Court, and Thompson Street.

• Wednesday, December 18—removing four fire hydrants. This shutdown will affect approximately 210 customers in the Highview, Lakeview and Saddleback subdivisions in Charlestown.

Smaller isolated shutdowns will also be occurring over the next several weeks to retire additional fire hydrants in Charlestown. Customers in these areas will be notified about this work through the company’s emergency alert notification system and posted online at

Customers should refrain from doing laundry or running their dishwasher if they notice discolored water. If tap water is discolored, Indiana American Water recommends allowing several cold-water faucets to run for a short time until the water runs clear. Using more than one faucet allows the water to clear more quickly.

Additional information on Indiana American Water’s efforts to improve the Charlestown system and on the flushing program are available online at

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