2019 Pleasant Ridge Elementary Letters to Santa are North Pole Bound


Greetings, Charlestown! For the last couple of years, we’ve had the upmost honor of printing these Letters to Santa from Pleasant Ridge Elementary students. It is a local tradition that we took on to fill a void after the Leader went out of print – something that they did for many years, despite the ever-increasing cost of being in the print business. We continue this as a tribute to what started so long ago, and hope that it will continue in some form for years to come.

Each class is viewable below in PDF format.

Mrs. Voigner’s Class

Mrs. Harbin’s Class

Mrs. Lawrence’s Class

Mrs. Reed’s Class

Mrs. Chmielewski’s Class

Mrs. Edmiston’s Class

Mrs. Hughes’ Class

Mrs. Blaydes’ Class

We’re keeping the window open for any additional classes who are still submitting letters – and if you have a student or home school group, etc who would like to send something for submission, we’re happy to print these as much as possible leading up to Christmas, even one at a time.

Here’s a peek at last year’s Santa Letters, if you’re feeling as sentimental as we are.

Merry Christmas, kids! Thank you for allowing us this honor.


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